The Wildflower Barn // Driftwood, Texas Wedding // Alice + Chris

Who knew that becoming friends with a girl on instagram six years ago would end up with me travelling to shoot her and her hubby’s wedding at The Wildflower Barn in Driftwood, Texas!

Due to our mutual online love for each other, I have followed the lives of Alice (Ah-leese) and Chris on social media for almost seven years now. Meeting them in person in Austin had potential to be like one of those “never meet your heroes” kind of moments haha, but it did not disappoint! It was like meeting long lost friends that we had known and loved forever.

As for the wedding, with Alice being half white and half Palestinian, and Chris being half white and half Cuban (with an Italian step-dad!) these two could have gone big (as they told us Arab, Cuban, Italian weddings can be), but with the desire to see and embrace each face that was there, they opted for a smaller wedding, with The Wildflower Barn providing the perfect setting.

Hearing this, and then the incredibly thoughtful details and plans of their boho styled wedding day, it was clear how much these two love their people (and each other!).

Between meaningful parent gifts, memorable moments with friends, grandmothers as flower girls, her brother DJ ing, sleepovers with the entire wedding party the night before at a perfectly handpicked AirBNB??! Every decision had meaning…and I could go on!

Actually? I think I will. And I will because I feel like their ideas inspired me, and if I share them, maybe they’ll inspire someone else’s wedding planning too.

Chris’ step-dad gifted him the perfect pocket-watch for his wedding day attire, while his tie clip was his gift from his wife to be, made personal with the engraving of the two birds. His aunt helped them purchase enough blankets for everyone at the ceremony, after which they then donated them to the Austin Animal shelter Austin Pets Alive!, handing out the rest to people without homes on the streets after the wedding. Love this idea.

Alice’s “something borrowed” included a pendant of her great aunt from her grandma, her late grandfather’s lapis lazuli ring, a Palestinian coin turned into jewelry, and the name tag of her sweet dog Dee-Dee who has passed over the rainbow bridge. All on her shoes. She also took time midday to go to her parents unreal AirBNB to do a first look with her dad and gift her parents with embroidered, personalized messages on handkerchiefs.

The dance included music from each of their cultures so that they could all participate in dancing together! It was very fun to both watch and participate in! They also started their parent’s first dances with songs to get a little loose to before settling into the usual lovely and emotional songs that come with first dances. I’ve never shot that before and I loved everyone’s surprise when the songs came on (her dad’s was “I like to Move It, Move It” it was amazing haha).

All the decor (rugs, vases, candlesticks, chest, LINEN!) were hunted down and handpicked on Facebook Marketplace, Goodwill, Salvation Army and garage or estate sales. Talk about DIY, baby! And then don’t even get me started on the colour palette. It was woven into the fabric of the whole day. From the enTIRELY mismatched wedding party, (BOTH guys and girls) to the decor at the ceremony, to the ribbons on her bouquet, these two slaaaaayed the colour game. So inspiring.

And if the above reasons didn’t convince you, then just let me tell you: these two had a vision. To make every moment of the day they committed their lives to one another rich and meaningful. Whether through hand picked vendors or hand made details, these two made their boho wedding dreams come to life.

And I still can’t believe they flew my Canadian ass down to capture it all haha but I am, and will be, forever grateful that they did.

So without further ado, please enjoy some of the many beautiful moments from this incredible day.

For more love click here or to bring me down to shoot your beautiful wedding at The Wildflower Barn in Driftwood, Texas, please click here. Pretty pretty please.





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