Lakeland College Alberta Wedding

Kaitlyn+Tyson // Lakeland College Wedding

Oooooh MAN was this a great day! I love shooting all over, but when it comes to being biased towards your own home, I’m all over that 😉 which means this Lakeland College wedding in Vermilion was no exception!

A little backstory here, I have known Kaitlyn for almost 15 years due to the fact that her younger sister is my best friend. So when she asked me to shoot her and Tyson’s wedding in the prairies of Alberta, I was both completely thrilled…and terrified! Haha something about shooting weddings where you know LOTS of people, personally, can be both so helpful and so intimidating! BUT! Lucky for me, Kait’s family is the absolute best, and as I learned, Tyson’s too, is warm, welcoming and trusting, making for an incredible fun day.

After mornings full of letters, love and meaningful moments (like Kait reading a poem that Tyson wrote her that was, and I mean this, was both perfectly hilarious and heartfelt!) Tyson and Kaitlyn gathered their almost 300 friends and family to help them celebrate their marriage in the beautiful setting of the Arboretum of the local Lakeland College. And although it can be a little nerve racking to have your wedding ceremony planned outdoors, esPECially in Alberta with all it’s ever changing weather, other than a little wind and a few rain drops, the moody cloud cover worked perfect for these two’s “I Do” s.

The classic Alberta weather continued throughout the day, keeping us guessing and moving with the shifting sun and wind, but these two AND their bridal party killed it. Their positive attitudes and championing of the chilly wind allowed me to capture some beautiful moments, particularly the prairie storm that you can literally see pass in the background of their wheat photos #allthehearteyes.

So THANK YOU, to Kait and Tys and their massive crew of loved ones, for a day that was full of SO MUCH LOVE and JOY and all around contagious happy goodness that I can only share photos up to their reception as there would be literally hundreds in this post if I shared the whole day!


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