Alberta Maternity Photographer

Doing my best as an Alberta Maternity Photographer to help Celebrate our Feminine Power of being able to Create Life and Bring Beings into this World.

Now this is what I’m talking about. This is the kind of Alberta Maternity Photographer that I want to be.

Annaliese sent me a number of photos when she first approached me about a maternity session, all of which were gorgeous, natural, unclothed women just BEING with their bellies hanging out, enjoying the magic that is being pregnant. Serene, soft, feminine, devine…I loved it. She expressed her specific desire to celebrate the SHAPE of a woman when they are pregnant and some of her daughter on said shape!) and seeing as I am in complete and utter awe of our ability to create, carry, grow and BIRTH life, I couldn’t have been more on board. Especially considering Annaliese is literally days away from her due date, so this belly is juicy

We ended up quadding out into a supremely secluded part of her in laws property (Thanks Tara!) to strip down, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The thin layer of clouds gave us this crazy soft, studio like light, and when the sun did peek through, we took advantage with some shadow play.

Now just to Clarify…

I love in home, with hubby, or outdoor maternity sessions; I am honoured to be invited into these exciting and special moments of people’s lives, but I am also drawn to nakedness. To the beauty that is being in and celebrating our bodies. They do so much for us, and I’m not sure that this is more obvious than when a woman is pregnant.

So please, take a moment with these pictures to study the stretch of her skin, the pull of her baby’s weight on her frame, the joy on her face as she holds not just her belly, but the baby within. Notice the openness of her heart to this time in her life as she enjoys the sun on her face, and yes, at the end, to the bitter sweet tears of realizing her baby will never sit quite so close to her heart ever again.

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