Jasper Maternity Session

Annaliese+Christopher // Jasper Maternity

So here’s the thing, if someone asks me to hike into the magic that is the Canadian Rockies so I can capture a Jasper maternity session, there’s a very good chance that I will mooooost likely reply with a hell yes or absolutely! Which means when these two beautiful humans asked for a session to capture that beautiful belly, we immediately booked the day and time.

They were very open to my suggestion on locations and thus we ended up down the Icefields Parkway at a place I love to hike called Stanley Falls. It’s a little odd to get there as it’s seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but about 45 minutes down the parkway going South of Jasper, the trees open up and there is a pullout on the left side of the road with a hiking sign. If you follow the worn in trail and go South once you hit the “road” portion of it, you will eventually hear the water and probably get a little excited. The trail then takes a steep little turn upwards, after which you will be walking along a deep canyon boasting incredible lookouts and beautiful waterfalls creating just a great place for any photos, including this Jasper maternity session.

Though these directions may not currently make sense, with the map in the link AND the above instruction, I promise it would make sense ha!

Either way, the day was beautiful, the weather moody and the couple, perfect. We adventured around with Chris keeping a very tight grip on Annaliese whenever we were a little close to edges haha. Her purple dress was spectacular in the woods and her flower crown was handmade by her.

I hope you enjoy the love and excitement shared between these two captured before their lives were changed forever by their beautiful baby girl a few months later.

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Awwwww…b.grace…I just love these!! Amazing moments❤️

B.Grace Creatives

Crazy to think about the fact that Thea, our Thea, is the one in there!

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