Surprise Winter Engagement Session


I have always wanted to be a part of a surprise engagement session so when I was connected with Ryan via one of their mutual friends (thanks Becca!), I was beyond excited to participate in SUCH a special moment! And under the guise of me having seen her at a wedding I second shot the past summer and asking if she would be willing to help me build my portfolio, the session was set.

Now seeing as Ryan and I hadn’t actually made an exact plan as to when he was going to propose, I watched him carefully throughout the shoot, always on the ready to catch the moment. 45 minutes in (I think that amount of time helped to ward any suspicions she might of had as well!) we were in the beautiful path with trees arching over top and I said “okay, go ahead and change into your second outfits and we will take some more photos here as I’m loving how framed the both of you are” to which Ryan responded “Ya, I’m really loving it here too” which let me know it was on!!! Aaaaaah!!!

When they returned from their vehicle I directed them back to the centre of the path where Ryan began to tell Madi how much he loved her (she told us afterward that she just thought he was saying nice things to help her smile!) before getting down on one knee. After that it was all tears, cheering, sparklers and champagne.

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this moment in your lives. It was complete magic to be a part of.








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