…and I promise we can create something beautiful together.

right fit

You spend a loooot of time with your photographer, so it needs to be the right fit! You need to choose someone who's process, style and vibes match your vision. So please take the time to read through how I work and see if you're feeling me. I want us both to be losin' it, and having happy cries (just me?) about working together. You deserve to have someone who is just as stoked about working with you as you are with them.

genuine + real

Being in front of a camera is supposed to fun! No stress or expectations. All I need is for my couples to come as they are, enjoy where we decide to go and settle in to spending time together. I like to think of it like a fun date with a hella cool third wheel following you around and hanging out with the two of you. We chat, we laugh, I prompt and move you through a session, I will not leave you hanging, but then your job? To trust me, and love on your partner and seriously just enjoy being with one another. I want to work together to create an experience that leaves people feeling seen and stoked on their story.

connection + trust

I am not looking to simply book clients and pump out photos here. That is not why I am in this business or what I want to do with my time. I want to know my people! My bbs! Connect with them as humans, and for them to get to know me! Because I believe if we know each other beyond vendor-client, we can build a level of trust and relationship where I can do my best work for them. The same I would for anyone in my own life! That's what I work towards with my couples.

do what you wanna do

This whole experience, the reason any of us are coming together, is because of YOU! And thus, all the decision couples make should be ones that are meaningful and important to them. There are VAST options beyond the traditional wedding day mold. Elope together in the mountains, getting ready and exchanging vows privately? Beautiful. Helicopter dreams? Amazing. Take your best friends and closest family to the desert and get married in the dunes? Hell yeah. Coloured wedding dress? Pink suit? Every choice is yours. Just know, you do not have to give in to the pressures of family, society and tradition. Whatever experience you want to create when you commit your lives to one another, is yours. And I am right there for you! Ready to follow you anywhere and help you plan anything you want to do. I want you to be able to look back at these moments and feel pumped on every part. I want them to tell your story, because that's why we're all HERE!

limited availability

I burnt the fck out when I was a teacher. Truth haha and because of this, I have a limit on the amount of weddings and elopements I take on each year. I do this to both keep work/life balance, AND to be able to stay invested and present with my people. I have no desire to be stretched so thin and have so much work that I can't show up mentally, physically and creatively for the people who have have hired me to do what I do.

invest in you

Beyond all the planning, the details and venue, dress and guests, flowers and cake, the only thing you really get to PHYsically carry past your wedding day, are your photos. They are what you get to share with your kids and look back at for the rest of your life. So if you're looking for a cheap deal, I'm not it. And that's okay! Because you deserve to have someone who fits all your wants and needs, including budget. I am passionate in my belief that couples deserve to be captured honestly on their wedding day, and know that authentic and meaningful photos that share their story for generations, are worth it.