How many weddings do you take a year?

Due to the fact that I burnt out while teaching, I don't believe in absolutely drowning myself in work. I take between 15 and 20 weddings a year so that I can serve my couples to the best of my ability as well as help myself to better maintain a work/life balance.

Can we adjust hours of a package?

I have created the packages based off of the best hours for coverage, but if you need a couple extra or less, we can definitely figure that out, just let me know.

Do you shoot alone?

I have shot alone since I started and feel very confident in my abilities to capture everything that happens on your day. That being said, I am always happy to bring on a second shooter at an additional cost.

How many photos will we get?

A lot haha I don't give a specific number anymore as I feel like every wedding day is unique and thus you shoot differently. However, there is no need to worry. I cover everything and send you all images that make it through the editing stages, it's an average of 75 photos an hour. I believe you should be able to relive your day your day through your photos and I give you enough to do just that.

Are you willing to travel? And how bout them mountains?

Of course! And yes please! Haha there is just an additional cost. For a session in the mountains it depends on where you wanna go so it can vary from $150-$250 for gas, kms and time to get there. For a wedding, anywhere outside of Edmonton/Alberta/Canada, the cost of a nights stay, car rental and/or flight cost needs to be covered as well. Just let me know where you're dreaming of getting married and we can figure it out!

Do you shoot elopements?

Yes! The answer is yes. Here to help with the pictures (obvi), planning and whatever you need.

Do you help with planning?

I am absolutely here for any questions related to planning. I have shot a lot of weddings and know a thing or two about timelines, vendors and how long things take, so hit me up if you need to!
If you have a planner and just need to know how long you should plan for photos, I tell people usually two hours is good. That allows us time to travel between at least two spots and have some fun with your wedding party and your hubby or wifey!! More time we have, more places we can go.

What is your turnaround time?

To give you the short answer, it depends! Haha on where we are in the season (busier between June-September) or if I'm travelling and such, but usually, if it's closer to the beginning of the year, it can be between 4-6 weeks for shorter sessions and 12-16 for weddings.

What if the weather looks bad for engagement photos or other sessions?

Embracing wild weather can make for unique photos, so if you wanna rock it, I'm willing to as well! But if it's looking like it'll be so shitty that it won't be enjoyable for you, we can definitely find another day.

Do you photograph family sessions?

Yes, I love being able to serve my community in this way. I will be taking on less sessions this year in hopes of an even more balanced work/life practice so hopefully we can work something out!

What do we wear?

I will have a what to wear guide up soon enough, but in the meantime, the basics are to avoid bright colours and large logos or patterns! Earthy, muted tones and neutrals are a guaranteed good place to start. Mix in textures and small patterns in the same palette and you're good to go.