10 Best Photo Spots in Jasper

Whether you’re taking photos or having your photos taken for a Jasper engagement, wedding or just for fun, you are probably looking for some of the best photo spots in Jasper to go to!

Now though the list actually goes on and on, I am going to use pictures I’ve taken from places that I have actually been and thoroughly enjoyed taking photos at. Most spots are because it’s some of the best Jasper scenery, but some make the list because of things like easy accessibility and/or lack of people, which can sometimes make taking photos of people a little more fun.

1. Old Fort Road Point

Now this is one hundred percent one of my favourite places to shoot. The reasons being: it’s easy to get to (just a few sets of stairs), the views are beautiful, and depending on the time of year/day and how high you want to hike, it’s open and clear for photos. Check out my Jasper Wedding to see more of the area.

Best Photo Spots in Jasper
Old Fort Point Road Jasper

2. Pyramid Lake

Beautiful, open, lots of shore line, rocks and trees and nature to trapeze around and take photos at! But beware! This area is popular so there are usually lots of people, especially on the bridge and island, you’ll have to wait for your moment alone on the bridge if that’s what you’re looking for.

Best Photo Spots in Jasper

3. Patricia Lake

In the same area, and much less congested (usually!) is Patricia Lake! Again, nice and open, lots of space for photos. And if you are in search of a dock, there are bungalows on this lake that are perfect, but make sure to ask and be respectful of guests there!

4. Medicine Lake

Now although Medicine Lake is home of some GORgeous views, the lake itself is tricky as during the summer, glacier melt waters flood the lake, sometimes overflowing it, and in fall and winter the lake disappears. So plan your shooting accordingly! If you can get it on a clear, still day? Incredible. Also a half hour drive from Jasper. Click HERE to see more of Matt and Karli’s gorgeous session.

Best Photo Spots in Jasper
Medicine Lake Jasper

5. Edge of the World

Talk about unbelievable. This is yet another one of my favourite photo spots in Jasper. It speaks for itself as the views are just breathtaking! The only tricky thing about this location is that it is on it’s way up to Marmot Basin and there is no true spot to park right by the entrance of the trail. You have to park up the road and walk down a bit. More instructions here and oh so worth it.

Edge of the World Jasper

6. Stanley Falls

I love this place just as is to HIKE, let alone to be able to capture photos at. It is an 86km drive south from Jasper, and a little bit of a hike to get into, but worth. every. minute. Click HERE to see Annie and Chris’ maternity session in the area and HERE for more instructions on how to get there.

7. Horseshoe Lake

This place is blue and beautiful and one of the best photo spots in Jasper, the only catch is that it’s popular! Depending on the time of year, the place is bumpin with cliff jumpers and people enjoying the sun, but there is plenty of path to walk and areas to take your pictures if you want to. I was lucky enough to catch it at the beginning of October in an incredible snowfall this past year, but it is seriously the most stunning in the summer in all it’s blue glory.

8. Athabasca River

The Athabasca runs alongside you most of the way into Jasper and crosses over the Icefields Parkway a number of times too, and it might seem simple, but the water is BLUE! And makes a beautiful backdrop for photos as mountains are everywhere.

9. Jasper Park Lodge/Lake Beauvert

Now I am including this Lake on this list because it is, without a doubt, spectacular. The water is so blue and the mountain view is gorgeous, so if you’re looking for a beautiful spot, this counts. However, I myself tend to shy away from this area because it is just so. busy. BUT! If you want to take it on, more power to you.

10. Mount Edith Cavell Glacier

So it used to be that this area needed a day permit as only a certain number of people were allowed up to the top, but I just read that they have upgraded the day use area and now you don’t need one! Which is good news for you as everywhere you turn up there is GOLD!

Now I could honestly continue on and on, but I feel like these ten best photo spots in Jasper are a good place for you to start!

Hopefully this helps you on your photo taking adventures!


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