Best of 2019

Now I used the title for Narrative “Best of 2019” , as they asked people to create a blog sharing just that, but for me, it’s not an entirely truthful title. What it really should read is “Only Some of the Endless Amount of Beautiful and Emotional Moments I was Able to be a Part of in 2019”…but that’s not necessarily the most effective title, hence the shortened version 😉

I find it very challenging to choose “the best” photos for my year. I think it’s because every time you take photos, there is (hopefully) some kind of emotion or purpose there with it, even if just for fun or self growth.

I find engagement sessions are all so full of joy and sweetness, and it feels like every second of wedding days are packed with meaningful, love filled moments, and then family sessions, maternity, portrait, birth…you’re taking photos for a reason. Maybe it’s to help someone move forward in their business, to remember their kids at this age, or to remember how their husband reacted as they first saw their wife on their wedding day. There’s always a reason. And thus I feel like they are all the best, in one way or another.

Anyways, enough rambling! I managed to pick out some incredible moments and I am sad I can’t post the thousands that I want to, as your phone would implode from working so hard to load them. So I hope you enjoy a glimpse into my year of work and all the incredibly rad people I got to share time with in 2019.

Big shout out to Narrative for hosting Narrative “Best of 2019” blogging challenge, inspiring us all to look back at our work, and for creating their epically incredible blogging program that makes it so freaking easy to share what we do. Definitely one of the best purchases I made for my business!

For more of from the year, visit here.



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